Program History:

Dennis O'Rourke, the program director, has been escorting students to HPA every summer since 1979. Dennis is a former educator and also the owner and operator of a travel agency. He and his wife, Renee, ran their travel agency from 1975-2010. This resource allowed the O'Rourke's to form Great Destinations Hawaii LLC. They have had the opportunity to host teachers and students from across the United States. Many groups come back more than once because of the great experience and success of the program. 

Over the years the O'Rourke's have been able to establish connections with locals to incorporate experiences on the trip not accessible to the typical vacationer. As a result, they have created a program unlike any other that is truly once in a lifetime.

More Info:

For more information on the history of the program, please refer to the Great Destinations LLC brochure. 


Contact Information:

Dennis and Renee O'Rourke



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