Trip Dates:

July 7th-July 22nd, 2020

Huaka'i 2020 Payment Schedule:

April 22nd, 2019: $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure spot for the trip

September 23rd, 2019: $1,500

April 13th, 2020: $3,075 (this price subject to change based on airfare costs)

Payment Information:

An account will be set up for the group at a local bank. Each student will have his/her own individual account to which only Ms. Lynch and Ms. Hartman will have access.  Students may deposit money into this account by giving a check or money to either teacher. Account balances will be kept for each student and updated after each deposit or withdrawal. Each student’s fundraising profits will stay with his/her account unless he/she leaves the program. If the student leaves the program, any fundraising profits will stay with the Huaka’i 2020 account. Any personal money deposited and still remaining in a student’s account will be returned to the parent if that student decides to exit the program.


Huaka'i 2020

Course Evaluation

It will involve 12 hours of course work during the late spring of 2020 and two weeks (80 plus hours) of intense course work at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy, which is located on the Big Island of Hawaii, during the summer of 2020. While in Hawaii, students will study marine science (see attached class outline for Hawaii marine science seminar, science seminar labs and field trips). Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive an elective credit in science. The local 12 hours of instruction will include introductory material about the Hawaiian islands and Hawaiian culture, marine biology, and water safety. Upon their return from Hawaii, students will complete a reflection paper. 

Grades received will be based on BHS grading standards and will include mandatory attendance to all 92 plus hours of course work (at BHS and Hawaii). Classes taken prior to Hawaii will be worth 30% of the total grade. Classes taken in Hawaii will be worth 50% of the total grade, and the reflection paper will be worth 20% of the total grade.

30% of Grade

1. Class Attendance (Mandatory/Prior to Hawaii)

2. Tests/Quizzes (Prior to Hawaii)

50% of Grade

3. Lab Write Ups/Assignments in Hawaii

4. Final Examination in Hawaii

20% of Grade

5. Reflection Paper

Student Selection

Current seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth, graders with a grade of 85% or higher in Biology I are eligible to participate. Students need to take biology before the summer of 2020 and receive an 85% or higher so they are better prepared for the experience. Students who have not taken Biology I, or received lower than and 85% in Biology I, must have teacher recommendation to continue with the program. 

In addition, behavior and attendance records will be considered for acceptance into the program. 

Parental permission, as well as proof of insurance and good health, are requirements for participation in the program.

Minimum Number of Participants:

10 Students

Student Cost

The estimated cost for the 2020 trip is roughly $5,000 (Indianapolis Departure).

This price includes:

  • round trip air fare from Indianapolis, IN to Kona, HI 
  • in-flight meals
  • all transfers while on the Hawaiian Islands
  • double occupancy dormitory room and board for 14 nights at the HawaiiPreparatory Academy on the Big Island
  • 92 plus hours of instruction, much of which is lab work on the beach
  • one chaperone for every 10 students
  • trips to Kilauea Volcano, City of Refuge, and others
  • sunset dinners at Hapuna Beach
  • King Kamehameha Luau
  • Atlantis Submarine
  • Fair Wind Cruise
  • Manta Ray night snorkeling experience
  • transportation

Students may wish to have additional spending money for shopping at HPA, Waimea, Kona, Lahaina, and other tours or activities outside of the instructional time. Students will have the opportunity to eat out in Waimea, Kona, and Lahaina. Students will also need to purchase snorkeling gear prior to leaving, and it costs to check bags at the airport. 


While there are some potential fundraisers, students will also need to work individually to raise the money for the trip. Each student’s fundraising profits stays with his/her account unless he/she leaves the program. If the student leaves the program, any fundraising profits will stay with the Huaka'i 2020 account. Any personal money deposited and still remaining in a student’s account will be returned to the parent if that student decides to exit the program. 


Once approved, a release and waiver form is signed and a nonrefundable $500.00 deposit is required to secure a reservation.

Program Review

  • Kevin Krekeler, BCSC insurance representative
  • Doug Wilson, BCSC attorney


Ms. Taira Lynch and Ms. Katie Hartman are the Huaka'i advisors and can be reached at 934-4384 or or

Some Thoughts from Ms. Lynch and Ms. Hartman

This trip is not a typical vacation. It is a class centered around classroom instruction, ocean labs, and multiple field trips. If you are looking for a 4 star resort, sleeping in, and plenty of pampered rest and relaxation time, then please plan your own trip. 

While in Hawaii, you will be having fun, but you will also be expected to perform responsibly in an intense learning environment. I am not comfortable taking students who lack responsibility in academics and/or behavior. All students are expected to abide by school rules and to demonstrate respect. All participants will not partake in any activities related to alcohol, drugs, or promiscuous behavior (these actions will result in the immediate departure from Hawaii at an additional expense to the parent(s)). 

Students are expected to be in bed at lights out and are required to get up early. Students are expected to do their own laundry and be self-sufficient. 

Students are constantly on the go, and the trip is highly physical. There is a lot of walking/hiking and swimming. We will be in the ocean for extended periods of time. You need to be comfortable in the water. If you are not comfortable being in the ocean and being dirty and sweaty, then this trip probably isn’t for you. 

Forget about make-up (well, most days)...forget about smelling good (most days)...forget about luxurious accommodations (most days)...Am I making this sound awful? This trip is awesome and life changing; however, I just don’t want students to get over there and realize that the trip isn’t for them. You are forking out too much money for that!

You will meet other students from other schools and be staying in dorm-like conditions. All participants will be expected to keep an open mind to every experience. Some things you will love, some you will like, but there may be some things that you don’t enjoy at all. During the times that you are not enjoying yourself, all participants will need to demonstrate the capability to look at the experience and ask what can be gained out of the particular experience and remind themselves that EVERY experience is what makes the trip, and that you are in Hawaii! 

Please Read

Attached are documents, including an example day-to-day itinerary . These documents will help you make an informed decision on whether this trip is right and amazing for you!


General Information BHS.doc General Information BHS.doc
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HMSS 7-20Jul20.doc HMSS 7-20Jul20.doc
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Marine Science Curriculum.doc Marine Science Curriculum.doc
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Student Packing List .doc Student Packing List .doc
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HMSS Release and Waiver (3).doc HMSS Release and Waiver (3).doc
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Release and Indemnification BHS.docx Release and Indemnification BHS.docx
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